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Tower Bridge at Night
Tower Bridge, which was built over the Thames River in London. It was during this time period that the steam engine was further developed and applied to ships. With more advanced and dependable steam engines, larger ships were being built, and the ships could also take longer routes.
According to Honor Godfrey, “a bridge at that point of the River Thames was much needed in order to relieve the congestion of road traffic, yet the river traffic, with its tall-masted ships, required unimpeded access to the higher reaches of the river and the Upper Pool of London Docks.”
Therefore, architects were presented with the challenge of a functional and aesthetic design. Out of a number of designs, Horace Jones’s creation was chosen. With a tall tower on either side, Jones’s Tower Bridge has an upper bridge for pedestrian tourists and a lower bridge for road traffic. The towers were given a gothic style with the multiple pointed roofs.
When Tower Bridge first opened in 1894, “its bridge was raised nearly twenty times a day to allow shipping through.” The architecture of this structure is not only symbolic of London but is also a necessary and functional part of everyday life in the city.
Although now powered by electricity, originally the engine room under Tower Bridge was steam driven. This is the fly wheel on one of the hydraulic pumps that eventually lifts the 'portcullis' sections on the bridge

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